Membership: Philo4Thought offers exclusive 12-month membership passes which allow for 12-months of free access to our advisory workshops and discounts to each of our annual events. Some restrictions apply. Opportunities for membership are as follows:

“Membership+” Premium Package: For $400, members can obtain an annual membership package that also allows free entry to our annual conferences and educational events. Please email us for registration details or click HERE to register online.

Young Professionals: Young professionals (~18-40) can obtain an annual membership for $200. Please email us for registration details or click HERE to register online.

Students: Registered College Students are eligible to receive an annual membership pass for $125. Must present a valid Student ID at the time of registration. Please email us for registration details or click HERE to register online.

Community Service Interns: We do accept a select number of volunteers for a contracted period. For a very minimal processing fee, these 2-3 young people attend annual and monthly events for free in exchange for 50+ hours of community service. Hours are relatively flexible based on the young person’s schedule and the community need. This opportunity helps our young people gain credit towards their HS/College degrees and/or help work off a portion of their college loans. To apply for this level of membership in our organization, please  email us a detailed resume. New applications are reviewed every August.

Lottery Drawing: One registered attendee per event is selected to win an annual membership pass.

NOTE: Philo4Thought is a 501(c)3 educational foundation. We depend on community sponsorship to help us bring new opportunities to our youth and keep membership costs reasonably affordable, especially for students and young professionals. For these reasons, donations requested as the entry fee to our annual Charitable Fundraisers is not included in our annual membership fee. HOWEVER discounted membership to Philo4Thought IS offered at these events. Please email us for details.

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