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Lagerfeld is at it again!


.   .As a surprise to no one, Karl Lagerfeld once again put on an award winning worthy fashion show this past Tuesday with a show that people around the globe are buzzing about. A microphone wielding Cara Delevigne opens the closing act with an army of models marching in what looks like a feministic parade holding pickets sign and chanting “What do we want? Tweed!” in reference to Chanel’s famous signature tweed fabrics. The models carried picket signs displaying the saying “Ladies first”, “Women’s rights are more than all right”, and my personal favorite “Boys should get pregnant too”. The runway was a mock city street put together inside the Grand Palais, and if one is not paying close attention one may actually believe it is one of Paris’s streets closed off for the show. Cara Delevigne wore a tailored grey tweed suit while Gisele Bunchen wore a striped tan and white ensemble with matching boots. Kendall Jenner wore a black and white 70’s style dress with matching loafers to complete the look. We will be seeing alot of floral prints along with sheer styles this Spring.

    .Hats and headpieces are also a trend to look out for in the warmer months as well as a Chanel staple color, white. The new collection brought a pop of color to the runway, distracting us from the cold weather and creating excitement for the spring fashion months. Some believed the theatrics of the fashion show were a bit unprofessional and poked fun at womens rights which are nothing to joke about, but anyone that knows Karl Lagerfeld knows that he intended to alleviate the touchy subject by displaying the topic with some lighthearted energy. Although not everyone was a fan of the mock prostest, we can all agree that Lagerfeld has done an incredible job of keeping things original as Creative Director of what is easily one of the most incredible fashion houses of all time. That, and keeping us at the edge of our seats. Until Fall/Winter 2015!


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