“Turn Down For What?” A Call for Mentors

Try and find one word to describe what it is to be an instructor and mentor to a young person, to bare witness to that moment when you see the things you’ve taught them lead them to something great, when a small introduction lands then a big opportunity, when they soar beyond what you’ve taught them and become mentors themselves….

This is why Philo4Thought exists… and every day, despite the professional struggles, the budget cuts, etc. I hear something great about one of my current or former students or my P4T clients and smile with pride, not for myself, but for them. Where this initiative is concerned, I lead with my heart — and a team of really remarkable sponsors and advisors!

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have a good mentor when you needed one, you know how hard the struggle can be; help make a difference for someone else. If you had a great mentor to help you through tough times, pay it forward and help the next generation.

To sponsor our initiatives, recommend someone to be a Peer Mentor, or to join Philo4Thought’s team of Peer Mentors and Senior Mentors, click here.

Mentoring Initiatives


Site updates for our 2015 list of mentors is coming soon. Please be patient as we revamp our webpage. The new…

06 Jul 2015

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"Turn Down For What?" A Call for Mentors

Try and find one word to describe what it is to be an instructor and mentor to a young person,…

15 Mar 2015

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Every year around this time I have a discussion with my students about what they've learned in my class and…

07 Jun 2013

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